Being “social” isn’t enough when it comes to growing your business and persuading potential clients or consumers to buy from you. Buyers are looking for social proof of who you are, what your business does and your website will enable you to show your potential buyers just that!


Here are a few reasons why every small business should have a website.

Reason No 1 – You own it, so you can make it just as unique as you want it to be!


Having your own website enables you to answer the question “ Who Are you” as interestingly and as compelling as you wish. Therefore, you can make it your own and tell your story through it. Whence, you control the narrative and influence public perception by creating your own story. You can bring your story to life, where your business started and what has influenced your journey.

In addition, you can link your social accounts to your website and make it easier for you to share content to social media, thereby, encouraging visitors to your website and ensure all your contact details are visible to all including phone numbers, email addresses and work address if necessary.

Reason No 2 – Customers Expect it!

More and more customers expect you to have a website as everything is digital and not having a site can be counter productive as it is the expected norm. Six out of 10 consumers expect brands to provide online content about their business on some form of website and more than 50% of consumers have said they look straight to the website for more information to qualify the brand or service.

Include client lists, previous brands or businesses you have worked with, case studies, awards or any recognition you’ve received plus news clippings, links to other comments about you or your business.

Potential customers want to know more about your business and what is being said about it.

Reason No 3 – It provides social proof

Your website is where you can provide “social proof” of your services or products. You can use Google +, Yelp or other review sites, but real reviews from real clients on your website is the best! Future buyers or clients will love reading customer testimonials about you and your sale items on your website. This can ‘forge the underpinnings of trust’ your prospective clients are looking for.

You can also link your social media platforms, links to blogs on other sites such as LinkedIn and video sites such as YouTube and Vimeo can also be connected.

Reason No 4 – Your competition will have one

Your competition will undoubtedly have a business website and a recent report by on the buyer’s journey shows that 72% of buyers turn to Google to begin their buying process, with buyers exploring customer reviews, testimonials, and referrals. Your website will be part of that search alongside your social channels and buyers are more likely to dismiss companies with no website over those with a website!

Providing in-depth detail about your services or products on your website will serve your business well as it will make your website more visible to those who are searching for it, but also visible to ‘Google’.

Reason No 5 –  Google Search

As mentioned above, Google is still one of the most frequent search engines customers will use to search for your brand or service. If you have a website and you optimise it for search (SEO) with keywords your customers are likely to be searching for,  you will come up in their search. An active updated website will rank higher, so just building one and then not updating it will not work either! Check out more information on Google via ‘How Google Search works

Google indexes your site by

  1. Analysing your words
  2. Matching your search
  3. Ranking useful pages
  4. Considering context
  5. Returning best results

Thus, a well written website full of information about your business and company using the terminology your clients will understand will appear higher up the search than other sites

Reason No 6 – Make money while you sleep!

Your website is your shop front to the world and should be used to showcase your products or outline your services with beautiful content, images, videos and downloadable PDF’s. 

You can also fill your site with the information your customers or clients need and they will not require to go anywhere else to find out about your products. You will have the opportunity to promote special incentives, coupons and offers for them when buying direct. 

Reason No 7 – You are never closed

No matter where in the world your customers are based, your website will be open to them and with the introduction of messenger bots such as ManyChat, Mobile Monkey and Facebooks’ own messenger platform, you can also hold a valuable conversation as well. 

Making money whilst you sleep has never been easier, especially if you learn how to build your website using all the cool free communication tools available to you such as MailChimp, WhatsApp, and Messenger.

Reason No 8 – You don’t need to be a tech wizard to build one

With the introduction of CMS (Content management systems) such as WordPress building your website couldn’t be simpler and if you have a great teacher (me!), it can be even simpler.

WordPress is one of the best website building platforms and it offers community forums and modern developments around web design.  My WordPress web design course has already enabled several small business owners to bring their businesses online and equip them with the skills to make changes, add pages, build sales funnels and promote to their current and future clients. To find out more about the course click here 

What my previous attendees have said about the course

“I did Anita’s Build Me Beautiful course earlier this year and it was easy to follow and so useful. I am much more confident in building websites for doing it. Anita was generous with her time, full of great advice and has helped me out lots since – on the odd occasion I got stuck. I couldn’t recommend this course and everything else that Anita does highly enough. She knows her stuff.

Thanks, Anita, I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you – thanks so much.  Xxx”

Julie Brown, Write Little Madam

Earlier this year I attended Anita’s Build Me Beautiful Website course because I wanted to do several things (a) be able to make small changes to my website quickly so I didn’t have to wait a couple of weeks for a space to become available with my designer (b) I wanted to have a better knowledge of how my website could be redesigned so I could get my dream clients and the influencers to notice my business. 

The website turned out amazing and I couldn’t have done it without Anita’s help and support.

Carole Bozkurt, The Blueprint Practice

carole bozkurt


To find out more and to join up for the next WordPress Build Me Beautiful web design course which starts in January 2019 please click here or call me on 07885732223

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