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Gaining social media visibility is difficult enough but if you’re not sure how to go about it, or just don’t have the spare time to do it properly and effectively, then our Kickstarter programme’s are just what you have been looking for.  

Increasing your social media platforms engagement whilst you concentrate on dealing with your business offers you valuable time to use elsewhere. 

Following an in-depth strategy meeting, we will help you identify your campaign direction and then we will take your goals and messages and condense them into a client orientated visibility growing social media campaign, whilst you concentrate on getting your business off the ground in the areas you feel most comfortable with.

Social Media Kick Starter Programme

Select 1-2 Platform from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram
  •  Kick Starter Strategy Meeting £97 Compulsory one off fee
  • 1 x Facebook Post Per Day x 5 or &
  • 3 x Twitter Posts Per Day x 5 or &
  • 1 x LinkedIn Posts Per Day x 5 or &
  • 1 x Instagram Post Per Day x 4 or &
  • Content & Graphics Supplied when needed plus you will be required to upload any images for use in an online photo storing box
  • Monthly 30 minute campaign Zoom meeting to prepare the following months strategy and discuss monhtly reach, engagement reports.
  • Monthly Analytical report on your chosen platforms
  • *Please see notes below

Additional requirements when starting a kick starter programme

  • Social Media Platform set up £97 per platform
  • Cloud based storage facility for sharing images 
  • Canva account set up
  • Logo and Type Font Requirements
  • Colour codes #
  • Client Avatar awareness assesmement

All of the above may be subject to additional charges if Bommiemedia is required to set these up.

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