Why hasn’t anyone invented a tape recorder which can record your thoughts?

Perhaps it’s not far off, after all, things can come around very quickly, take the computer or the mobile phone for example when I was a child who would have thought that by the time I was a teenager the first ones would be on the high street!

I have found over the last few months, whilst I have been building up my business, website & social media presence that my best ideas often come to me in the most inconvenient settings. Idea’s jump around my brain in the craziest of places, whilst I’m washing up, walking the dog, driving the car or even collecting the kids from school!

Why is it, that it’s when your not sitting in front of your computer or notepad that some of your best inspirational ideas pop into your head. Just the other day, whilst walking the dogs, nearly all of what could have been a great section for my website came flooding into my head, ideas jumping all around making me feel extra excited about my new venture, disappeared into oblivion as I drastically tried to secure them inside my head whilst greeting the kids, navigating the streets with the dogs to get home.

I’m sure there would be plenty of people who wouldn’t want their inner thoughts recorded but oh how I wish on those rare occasions something explosive does come into my head I wish I could press a button and magically record them to read over later.

When I spoke of this predicament to my husband he suggested buying a dictaphone and keeping it in my pocket to capture my thoughts as they happen. This is what I plan to do and maybe I might just surprise myself with my ideas. So, next time you walk past someone on the street talking to themselves, they may be just talking to someone on their mobile phone but they just might be having one of those explosive thought-provoking moments inside their heads and recording it.

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