Wow, what an exciting few months BommieMedia has been having! I have been busy launching a fantastic new networking opportunity for businesses in West London…

In May, I launched Ealing Connect Networking group and so far it has been busy, busy, busy! Ealing Connect is a networking group based in Ealing, West London which aims to connect other business owners with each other and offer the opportunity for collaboration, growth and ultimately more business.

The group meets once every two weeks, alternating between the morning and afternoon to enable as many businesses to fit it in with their busy work schedules. We meet at Charlotte’s W5, a wonderful modern restaurant in the middle of the new Dickens Yard development just behind Ealing Town hall where tea, coffee and croissants are a must at every networking event. The cost of the daytime meetings is set at £10 with no annual cost and this includes your refreshments.

This month, however, Ealing connect will be running its first ever evening of networking with a session of ‘Speed Networking’ thrown into the mix. The evening is on Thursday 8th September from 7pm at Tribeca Studios, Ealing Broadway and will cost £15. This will include refreshments, nibbles etc and entry into the growing Ealing Connect Facebook group, which is for attendees of the networking only. The website also has great opportunities for your business as well so why not check out the website before booking your tickets direct via Eventbrite


Part of making your business real to potential clients is to meet them face to face, this valuable time enables you to reinforce what you do, explain to people how your business works and more importantly your potential clients get to meet YOU before they decide to do business with you.

So, in preparation for the networking events, here are my top tips for Face to Face networking!

  1. Be prepared, decide what your aim of the networking meeting will be and work on preparing mentally what you might say, leading questions, answers etc. Know your service or product well, if this is your own business then you will but if you are going on behalf of another business, research what they do and make sure you know the answers to some of the basic questions. Such as basic charge rates, how long jobs usually take, things like that.
  2. Prepare your business cards, flyers, pamphlets to hand out whilst you’re at the meeting, if someone asks you for your business card, ask for theirs back and if you can, make a note either on their card or on your phone about why you have their card. This is always good when you want to follow-up a few days later.
  3. If you are a bit nervous about attending a meeting on your own, take a friend or fellow business partner who knows what you do and they can always help during the conversation and also be by your side when you’re not networking.
  4. Follow up the leads you get, I usually sit down the next day and take a look at the person’s website, research them a bit more to see if you could work together on a project or if they have the product you require and then make contact.
  5. And finally, relax, these events are meant to be fun and you can be guaranteed that you won’t be the only one in the room feeling a little nervous, and once you start chatting to people the nerves will just disappear…

I hope to see you there!


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