Thought I’d share my Social media Image size infographics and some info about it. Happy reading and hope its helpful…


My Top Tips


  • Get your Image sizes right as this is key to showing off your excellent visual content as you want it to be seen.
  • Centre your main focal point in the centre of your image so that if it is cropped down to a thumbnail image like in Instagram your image can still be seen. The Thumbnail size is shown in the Infographic below for your shots.
  • If your image is looking a little dull, lighten it up or change its mood using a filter. For example, Instagram offers several different filters whilst you are adding your photos and if you really want to go PRO, use a photo editing software such as Canva.
  • What is Canva – Canva is a free online photo editing software which allows you to create templates to use across your social media and transfer your brand over to your images


  • Screenshots, this can be a good way of capturing testimonials from your blog posts, your services or quotes from your Influencers. It is an efficient way to create social proof around your brand.
  • Behind the scene shots Show your clients what goes on behind the scenes of your business, for example, show them the stages you took to make your product or produce your service. It also helps to humanise your personnel, especially if you work remotely or in an office environment.
  • Action shots if what you do requires you to be active or the product you produce is mobile, take action shots which capture the moment and this can help add excitement to your page and may help increase engagement.
  • Text Images Image’s with text create impact and you can see them on all profiles, remember if you’re going to use text images on Facebook and you plan to boost the post then keep your text under 20%. Use text images to share quotes from customers, famous quotes, stats, slogans & tips. 


  • Brand Colours are really important to carry over into your images, ask your designer for the # number and use this at least once on your image, whether in the text or in your hashtags but keep it consistent throughout. This will help keep your brand identity alive.
  • Font matters when using text images, if you have a branded font, use this wherever possible as this will add consistency to your photographs especially on Instagram where the main focus is your images 
  • Branded Hashtags or Slogans are an essential part of your image, create one and stick to it whenever possible, it can be a call to action or brand saying. For example, we are using #HarnessThePower whenever we talk about Instagram 


  • Take your time preparing your photographs, ideally set up a canvas a take a collection of shots you can use and reuse.
  • Try to convey an emotion or mood as this evokes engagement and interaction.
  • Be consistent with your message to your clients, but feel free to express yourself with your photographs just be clear about your message and then your clients/fans will be too.
  • If you can’t or don’t know how to find free images on websites such as Pixabay or pay for them through Shutter stock or Graphic stock. DON’T just grab an image of the Internet as this breaches copyright and you can/will get fined.
  • Pay someone else to take the photographs for you; there are plenty of photographers in your network who you could work with.
  • Go to a workshop to learn how to do these things yourself.

I will be running an Instagram and Canva workshop called HARNESS THE POWER OF INSTAGRAM AND CANVA with Client Attraction specialist Carole Bozkurt.

Together we will show you how to produce great graphics using Canva, build a following and ultimately convert your following into paying customers.

When; Friday 12 May 10 – 4 at the Bull Hotel in Gerrard Cross.

Only £97 at the moment and this can be paid in two instalments.

Visit to book and find out more.

social media image size infographic

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