Be more visible, Win new clients & claim your expert status

I would like to Help you to win new clients by upscaling your Social Media

Are you trying to build a social media presence but you just don’t know where to start? 

Are you overwhelmed by the vast amount of information out there and unsure of what to focus on?

Have you abandoned a social media platform in the past because of the sheer amount of effort involved in making it work for your business

Are you finding it difficult to generate consistent quality content to share with your followers?

If so then you’ve come to the right place!

Module one starts January 2018

The fact is that one size does not fit all in the online world. You need to tailor your efforts to your clients, your business and the amount of time you can invest.

If you want…

  • To be seen as the expert in your field then you need to be able to make social media work for you.
  • Social media to generate leads then you need to know how to make your posts stand out from the crowd in a compelling way that is irresistible to your DREAM clients.
  • To feel less overwhelmed and more in control of your social media then you need to have a clear and robust strategy that keeps you on track so you can stay the distance.

I have to admit that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE social media but of course, you would expect that coming from a Social Media Architect.


All too often I hear business owners:

  • Agonising over social media, trying to figure out what will work best for their business
  • Getting distracted from their social media goals because a new way of working has emerged and everyone is jumping on the bandwagon
  • Struggling with managing their time as they juggle all the different social media platforms.

To build a successful business where your clients adore working with you and tell their friends about you then social media can help get your personality across in ways that align with your values. If you want to grow your digital footprint so that your brand is seen by tens of thousands of people across the globe….


Pay in one payment for

only £695


Pay in 6 equal monthly payments over 6 months for only £120 per month.

What’s in your 6-month online programme?

Over the next six months, you will learn how to become a social media ninja.

We will have two 90-minute calls per month.

  • The first will look at the strategy and approach you need to take for the specific social media platform we will be focussing on for the month
  • The second call in the month will be the training so that at the end of the month you are clear on your approach and how best to use the platform to attract and gain clients
  • And you will also have access to the private Facebook group where I will be every day ready to answer any questions you may have so you will not feel alone on this journey.


Once you sign up to the Social Media Inner Circle you will gain access to the ‘Platform Set-up’ module – this is your pre-work so that we can ensure you hit the ground running when the programme goes LIVE.

There is nothing worse than scrambling around trying to get your social media channels set-up and ready to engage with your IDEAL CLIENTS when we should be focussing on strategy and training.

So we’ll ask you to get all of this sorted out before the programme starts so you can then relax and just focus on the material we are covering each month.

Month 1 – Strategy First

A social media strategy is essential to any entrepreneur and business owner but it’s really important that it works in parallel with your overall business strategy and plans so that you have a unified and reliable approach that works within the bigger picture of your business.

Your social media strategy defines how you will use social media to achieve your communications goals and the supporting platform and tools you will use to achieve them.

In this module, we will be outlining your goals and putting in place measurable objectives for using social media. You will get clarity on your target client/segments and the outcomes you want to achieve.

Month 2 – Facebook Optimisation

Facebook has over a billion users and this makes it a cultural, economic and social phenomenon. The importance of Facebook to business owners and entrepreneurs is hard to overstate as it’s becoming an increasingly important way to find, engage and build relationships with potential and existing clients whether that’s on a local, national or global basis. In this module, you will learn how to build long-term relationships with your clients and prospects and learn how to optimise your page. Using Facebook well will amplify your business and enable you to engage with and reach a greater local or national following. Facebook offers a brilliant opportunity to build long-term relationships with your clients and prospects and also has an ever-evolving advertising platform that you can easily tap into.

Month 3 – Getting Chatty with Twitter

Twitter has over 320 million active users sending half a billion Tweets each day. It is one of the key social media platforms for engaging with clients and doing business.

In this module, you will learn where Twitter fits into your marketing and communications strategy, how to build and engage your audience plus we will look at Twitter’s role in content marketing, how to create brand advocacy using Twitter and lead generation.

This training will help you understand the benefits of Twitter and how it supports you in growing your digital footprint and credibility on an international scale.

Month 4 – Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a very widely used social media scheduling tool but it is also much more than that and it can make a huge difference when it comes to optimising your social media output and engagement efforts.

Last year I carried out my certified Hootsuite training and for over a year I have been putting those skills and understandings into practice with my clients. I’m now ready to share all of this with you so that you can master the Hootsuite dashboard and all of its powerful features.

In this module, you will learn how to schedule and post social media messages and attach photos and videos to your posts. You will also learn how to listen to relevant social media conversations and run successful campaigns along with details of the more technical side of Hootsuite, which means creating landing pages and gaining a clear understanding of how to use the Hootsuite App Directory.

Month 5 – Igniting Instagram

With over 400 million active users and 75 million people using the app every day, Instagram is fast becoming one of the most powerful social media platforms there is. It allows you to market your business to hundreds of new customers and clients every day.

Instagram is loved by the creative, fitness and wellbeing industries all over the world but we have recently seen more product and service-oriented industries joining the platform and successfully building strong trustworthy relationships on there as well.

In this module, you will learn how to create strategies that skyrocket your brand awareness, connect and engage with hundreds of real Instagram followers that love what you have to share every single day. You will also be able to build a strong community and convert them into paying clients.

Month 6 – Facebook Advertising

Facebook is so big in scale and scope that I knew trying to squeeze everything into one month would be overwhelming so I decided to divide up our focus on Facebook into two categories, namely Optimisation and Advertising.

You hear so many stories of people having great success with Facebook advertising in terms of attracting their dream clients. But there are a lot of business owners out there who are not having the same level of success and can find Facebook advertising rather complex.

In this module, I will take you through Facebook advertising step-by-step so that you can attract your target audiences easily and effortlessly. You will learn how to create look-a-like audiences and how to carry out split testing so that you can be sure of what works and what doesn’t before you invest any significant sums of money.

Course Bonuses

– A private Facebook group which I will be popping into on a daily basis –

– An in-person one-day workshop where we can network with each other as well as learn some more advanced techniques –

– Pre-work platform set-up so you can hit the ground running when the Social Media Inner Circle starts –

I have just launched my 6-month Social Media Inner Circle programme.

The Inner Circle is for 10 amazing business owners only who want to:

  • Claim their expert status and be seen as the ‘go to’ person in their field whether that’s locally or globally
  • Build a thriving business that constantly generates new sales leads
  • Reach as many people as possible so that they can start serving people across Europe, the Americas, South-East Asia and Australasia if they want to
  • Educate their market and potential clients about the services and products they offer
  • Drive traffic to their website so that they can turn that traffic into subscribers and then into paying clients
  • Control their messaging in the digital world and make it work for them


Pay in one payment for

only £695


Pay in 6 equal monthly payments over 6 months for only £120 per month.

Why me…

Hi, I’m Anita Grace Wong of Bommeiemedia and I’m your Social Media Architect.

Like you I’m the proud owner of an amazing business.

At Bommie Media we are passionate about making it easy for business owners to build and manage their own social media profiles and get their message out to millions of people.

I built Bommie Media from scratch 4 years ago. I had a lot of ambition and drive and I was focussed on making sure my business could help build my dreams not just for me but also my family.

I’m a mum of four girls (two of which are twins), 3 dogs, 2 budgies and a hamster. Yes, at times it can get very hectic at home but have been an ICU Nurse in Cardiology in my younger days I know how to keep a cool head…and a lot of deep breathing is also required.

I have a passion for BMX riding and I travel all over the country to compete.

I have studied marketing, web design and IT at West London College and have completed numerous social media and platform based courses. I have also built up and maintain the social media for an independent estate agent in London for the past 3 years.

Anita Wong

The Academy IS FOR YOU if you:

Want to step-up and be visible to your DREAM clients and become known as the ‘go to’ person in your field.

Want to master social media once and for all and know the best platforms to use to attract your DREAM clients and want to learn the best approaches.

Are prepared to step outside your comfort zone because you know you will be supported every step of the way and can reach and help many more clients with your services or products.

Are unsure where to find your DREAM clients and convert them into raving fans that buy everything you sell.

Are a service or product-based business owner who wants to establish your expert status online so that you can increase your prices and clients will buy from you.

The Academy is NOT FOR YOU if you:

Just hope that somehow your social media presence will magically take care of itself without you putting any effort in.

Are not prepared to show up for the group calls and participate in the conversation.

Are a tyre kicker and expect to waste both your and my time.


Pay in one payment for

only £695

Or Pay in 6 equal monthly payments over 6 months for only £120 per month.

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