Social Media

Social Media

You select the right platform/s for your business and budget. We then work with you to create your social media roadmap so that we are clear on your objectives and campaigns. This is run on a monthly ‘done for you’ basis.


Your Social Media Strategy all worked out with clear plans and instructins on how, when and where to post.

VIP Social Media Programme

This programme is a combination of ‘done for you’ work and 1-2-1 training. You choose the platforms and we increase your following and visibility while training you at the same time. Once your VIP programme is complete you will have all the resources at your fingertips to carry on the great work we have started plus a sizable and engaged online following.


Reach the clients you want, when you want to increase sales and client interaction.


Web Design.

Your website is your shop widow to the world and it’s vitally important that it does the best possible job of representing you and your business.

To achieve that you first need to be clear about what you want your brand is about and that’s where Bommie Media can help – our passion is bringing your brand to life online.

At BommieMedia our job is to create outstanding websites that will showcase your brand, deliver great user experiences, perform on any device and consistently convert visitors into potential sales leads.

All our websites are mobile and SEO-friendly, meaning that search engines like Google will always find you and your customers and clients will LOVE you.

BommieMedia can help you to find the perfect website design package for your business, your budget and the ambitions you have for your brand.


Fully responsive web design adaptable for mobile, tablet and desktop.


Search engine friendly, Google will always find you which makes you more visible to your customers and clients.


Full training and support is available for you and your website.

Individual & Group

Training & Workshops.


There is nothing I LOVE more than training my clients and giving them the tools and insights they need to be confident users of social media in support of their business operations.


It’s very important to me that my clients feel empowered and excited to create a truly engaging social media presence through which they can grow their online footprint, attract their ideal clients and turn those connections into paying customers.



Our 1-2-1 training clinics and workshops are full of energy and designed to accelerate your learning and to give you the knowledge and skills required to make your social media an effortless and seamless extension of your business.

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